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Sentispec helps companies optimise revenues and reduce costs
By using Robotic Process Automation and AI on the Edge
Turning data into sustainable competitive advantage.

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The Sentispec AI platform helps companies optimise revenues and reduce costs by enabling Robotic Process Automation of video data.

Access and computer vision

The unique Access AI platform extracts video data from standard legacy security cameras. By integrating the computer vision data streams with business data it can optimise workflow and business processes.

Business optimisation

For a logistics client company, Access delivers a variety of workflow and business optimisations. In this case study, the optimisations are delivered through automated management of space logistics. Alerts are designed and pre-programmed to detect congestion and unattended consignment identifications. The platform also assists in automated stock controls and enables warehouse optimisation. In addition, the Access platform provides real time location specific statistical data on the flow of goods through warehouses. As a result, throughput is improved, and so revenues increase and costs are reduced. One additional benefit to the congestion controls and management alerts is the introduction of improved workplace safety protocols in real time.

Computer vision applications

For an automotive dealership client, computer vision data is used to produce footfall statistics. The data in turn are used to optimize marketing spend and shift schedules at the dealership. The data also provide showroom heatmapping and can therefore be used to improve the auto servicing workflow. As a result this improves customer service, customer loyalty and ultimately revenue.

Business process management and use of data

More than 2500 petabyte of video data are produced daily. However, 99.99% of this data is never actually utilised. Sentispec's unique AI business automation technology and computer vision capabilities address an underutilized market with a unique proposition. The company's Access artificial intelligence platform supports many clients including a number of global logistics and distribution firms.

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Sentispec Access

AI Business Automation Platform

Sentispec products help companies improve revenue and reduce costs by enabling Robotic Process Automation of video data.

The unique Sentispec Access AI platform extracts video data from standard security cameras. It then integrates the data streams with Business Data for business automation to optimise work processes.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Global logistics company case study

Artificial intelligence applied for workflow optimisation, streamlines the business processes of this logistics giant to save money and increase revenues.

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