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Sentispec Access offers instant business value by processing video stream data from computer vision cameras. While receiving data through from cameras, it can extract key meta data, and correlates this with business system data.

This delivers a range of revenue improvements, cost reductions and workflow optimisations. Here are some scenarios to describe a few installations for this platform products.


Logistics and distribution client

Operations business application


Industries where the Sentispec Access makes dramatic improvements include logistics, distribution and warehousing. Clients in this space benefit from Robotic Process Automation enabled by Sentispec Access AI technology.

In addition, they benefit from automated space logistics, warehouse optimisation, congestion control which improve safety protocols. They also benefit from automated stock control and as result reduced shrinkage which improves the bottom line.


Logistics, distribution and warehousing

Case example



Logistics company

Product example:


For a logistics client we are delivering a range of workflow optimisations. These include automated stock taking, workflow congestion alerts and unattended consignment identifications. We also working in the packing and distribution zones, monitoring product shipment optimisations.

This reduces the cost to serve and increases the return on investment for each shipment.

Real time data produced and streamed also includes location specific statistical data on the flow of goods through warehouses.

This improves throughput through the warehouse, and thus improves revenues per site, and reduces costs simultaneously.


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