Sentispec Access

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What do Sentispec Access Products offer

Sentispec Access can deliver instant business value by using video streams from existing security cameras. While receiving data through from the cameras, it extracts key meta data, and correlates this with business system data.

This delivers a range of revenue, cost and safety optimisations. Here are some scenarios to describe a few installations for these Sentispec Access platform products.

Automotive dealer – product example:

For an automotive dealership, footfall statistics are used to optimize marketing spend and shift schedules, and can also provide showroom heatmapping and improve the auto servicing workflow, thus improving loyalty and ultimately revenue.
Honda Showcase (including our ViraHawk feverscreening solution):

Logistics company – product example:

For a logistics company we are delivering workflow optimisations through congestion alerts and unattended consignment identifications, as well as providing location specific statistical data on the flow of goods through warehouses. This improves throughput, and thus revenue and costs, whilst increasing safety.

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