ViraHawk is an Automated Fever Screening Solution

What does ViraHawk do?

The ViraHawk is an AI fever screening solution. It integrates with existing legacy security and monitoring systems. Manufactured in Europe by Sentispec a company providing intelligent computer vision for business automation.

This computer vision camera works with a power supply. Positioned discretely above a controlled entrance, it automatically and constantly scans an entrance zone.  Most importantly, client requested protocols can be pre-programmed. In the event of a breach of protocol, for instance because of a raised body temperature, the system sends an alert. As a result, it blocks entrance to the person triggering the alert, when connected to the operating system for entrance doors and turnstiles.

Therefore, the ViraHawk helps to stop the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, specifically in the following ways:

  • Works 24/7

    Firstly, it alerts nominated or local personnel to potential infection threats. It works constantly 24/7 within the monitored zone without supervision. The camera automatically scans, monitors and reports on breaches of protocol without the need for human supervision. It therefore, saves money by eliminating the need for a guard at every entrance 24/7.

  • ViraHawk reduces spreading of infections

    Secondly, the camera identifies potential threats immediately as they enter the zone it monitors. As a result it can prevent contagion by stopping entrance to the building of a body with a raised temperature. Meanwhile, it  simultaneously manages a number of other controls, including social distancing and mask wearing. Therefore, it reduces the impact of any potential outbreak within the controlled area and building if all entrances are controlled. The camera helps to maintain a healthy building and working area by preventing entrance of infectious individuals.

  • Early detection with ViraHawk

    Thirdly, this AI camera has an effective identification capability of 50-75% if asymptomatic carriers and incubation times are factored in. The computer vision detects a raised body temperature within a span of 0.5-4.0 metres. As a result, a single unit manages detection in the size of a controlled zone that can be applied to most controlled building entrances. Therefore with a camera unit positioned at every controlled entrance early detection is securely managed.

  • Easy and adaptable installation

    Most importantly, the camera operates a simple plug and play technology. Any protocols to be monitored can be pre-programmed centrally to the client’s requirements. Installations vary enormously in their diversity. As a result ViraHawk is used at one extreme in fast paced high traffic areas where because it is automated it can work discretely and securely.  Furthermore, whether these monitored areas are distribution or transport depots, busy retail environments or even public events the ViraHawk monitors and reports to the same high degree of accuracy. At the opposite end of the spectrum it works in close controlled scientific manufacturing plants. As a result, wherever there is a controlled entrance in with either door or turnstile, the ViraHawk will control entrance and alert a breach in protocols.

In conclusion, this camera can protect the health and safety of a building or workplace. And by protecting the workplace it also protects all the people who move and out of the space, and work within its structure.


ViraHawk model, 2020

How it works

  • Identifies variations in skin temperature;
  • Estimates core Body Temperature through sophisticated AI based on knowledge from clinical studies;
  • Uses more than 1.000.000 laboratory measurements to perform sophisticated calibration;
  • Calibrated under the assumption of average human body temperature varying between 36.1 °C and 37.5 °C.

Variations in Human body temperature

Process camera data via ViraHawk application

The effect of Fever Screening

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Infection spreads in 14 days

Who benefits from using ViraHawk

ViraHawk is used in highly trafficked areas, and to protect vulnerable environments

  • nursing homes
  • community centres
  • libraries
  • schools
  • warehouses
  • train stations
  • underground stations, and more.

ViraHawk tech data

  • GDPR

    The solution has been validated by independent Solicitors to abide by GDPR

  • Traffic

    Up to 10 people per second

  • Distance

    Optimal distance is 1-4 meters

  • Movement speeds

    Optimised for identification at walking pace

  • Limitations

    Clothing covering the majority of the face

  • Directions

    Face needs to be facing the camera for optimal precision

  • Variations in skin temperature

    Hot and cold weather can change the skin temperature. Our AI solution estimates body temperature by measuring various points in the face and uses knowledge from clinical studies in body temperature relations.

The ViraHawk product is not intended to diagnose or monitor any medical condition or illness and should not be used as such. The product is supplied as a first line filter for organisations that wish to identify those entering premises who may have an elevated body temperature. It is then for the organisation to determine how that information is used, and the appropriate reaction to that information. Competent medical advice should be sought if there are concerns around illness, and further checks will be required.

Technical documentation

Download technical documentation here and get more
detailed information about the ViraHawk.

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    Sentispec Access

    AI Security Automation Platform

    What do Sentispec Access Products offer

    Sentispec Access can deliver instant business value by using video streams from existing security cameras or the ViraHawk (a Sentispec intelligent vision product). While receiving data through from the cameras, it extracts key meta data, and correlates this with business system data.

    Thus delivering a range of revenue, cost and safety optimisations. Here are some scenarios to describe a few installations for these Sentispec Access platform products.

    Automotive dealer – product example:

    An automotive dealership installation adopted a pre-programmed product. Useful alerts triggered  notifications automatically as a scheduled customers arrived for service appointments. The systems pre-programmed administrative module pulled up the relevant client paperwork.

    After the service, a report was be sent to both client and garage that all the work items were completed. As a result, the customer drove away satisfied and the garage ensured all the work was completed and opportunities were not missed due to administrative mishandling on the day.

    This both increases the revenue by identifying and checking all work items, and reduces processing times increasing the effective capacity of the workshop.

    Logistics company – product example:

    A logistics company use Sentispec Access to improve work efficiency by identifying when a scheduled consignment was due to arrive. The resulting report showed how the consignment should be processed and delivered to various target locations.

    The next step was monitoring that the flow of trucks, people, and goods between the areas matched plans. That meant checking timelines and volume of goods planned in the warehouse management system against what happened as viewed through intelligent cameras. At the same time, spillages and shrinkage were monitored for brand and cost optimisations using Sentispec intelligent computer vision products.

    As a result, all aspects of the delivery consignment were addressed to plan with accuracy, time and cost efficiencies.