• FAQ - Is the solution compliant with GDPR?

    The solution abides by both the spirit and the letter of GDPR legislation.

    At Sentispec we advise companies to rely on their own legal advice for more specific evaluation. However, we are happy to organise a free demonstration to enable you to see exactly how it works.

  • FAQ - What is maximum traffic the ViraHawk can handle?

    Up to 10 people per second.

    This level of speed while remaining accurate gives the ViraHawk wider applications. It can be applied not simply in workplace and office settings, but also across manufacturing sites, fast moving transport depots, construction sites, and places of hospitality and leisure.

    In fact, the Virahawk solution can be applied anywhere that has venue access points that rely on turnstile or controlled entry.

    ViraHawk has another advantage in that it is automated and can be left unmanned.

  • FAQ - Is there an ideal distance between the ViraHawk its subjects?

    Optimal distance is 2-4m

    The ViraHawk can detect a raised body temperature with a scan of up to 5 metres in radius. However, we guarantee accurate readings up to 4 metres in radius.

  • FAQ - How fast can a person move past ViraHawk?

    The ViraHawk is optimised for identification at walking pace.

  • FAQ - Are there limitations to the ViraHawk camera?

    Clothing covering the majority of the face will prevent a true reading.

    However, the ViraHawk will work through a PPI mask and can detect mask wearing and non mask wearing.

  • FAQ - Does a person need to face the ViraHawk camera directly?

    Yes, the face needs to be facing the camera for optimal precision.

  • FAQ - Is ViraHawk sensitive to the temperatures of the environment?

    Hot and cold weather can change the skin temperature. Our AI solution estimates body temperature by measuring various facial features and uses knowledge from clinical studies in body temperature correlation.

    The reading needs to be taken in an internal space or a space with a controlled environment for optimal results.

  • FAQ - Where are the Sentispec products manufactured?

    All Sentispec products are manufactured in Europe with parts and accessories sourced from across Europe, the UK and the USA.

  • FAQ - What's a typical ViraHawk fever screening camera installation?

    Most of the ViraHawk fever screening cameras are installed at building entrances ( e.g. office building reception areas or staff entrances) or site entrances (e.g. construction sites or logistics delivery and despatch zones).

    However, the ViraHawk camera solution can be used to work wherever there are people going in and out of a controlled environment. This can be a public arena, a private company, a college or school entrance, a factory or fast paced logistics distribution centre, a transport hub or a sports arena. Anywhere you might need to control entrance to a space with a power connection, you can set up a ViraHawk camera.

    The camera systems can work with a discrete presence sending automated alerts to entrance control or security staff. Or they can integrate with existing systems (e.g. turnstiles) to grant or deny building access.

    On construction sites or places with external space management access is usually granted through whatever site access control system is in use (e.g. portacabin site control location).

  • FAQ - Can I arrange a free demonstration of the ViraHawk camera?

    Yes, absolutely. Contact us via info@sentispec.com to arrange a free online or in person demonstration of the ViraHawk camera system.