Global Manufacturing Company

This global manufacturing company in Denmark started protecting its employees from infection during the Covid-19 pandemic by fever screening.

Fever Screening for Health and Safety

They began their health and safety measures by manually hand scanning every employee, at every entrance, every day. This required 24/7 staffing by additional security staff and proved financially an immense incremental cost. At Siemens Gamesa they decided to review their options and discovered the ViraHawk AI camera system.


Siemens Gamesa

Pioneers in renewable energy equipment manufacture, Siemens Gamesa has always driven innovation. Adopting the ViraHawk automated temperature screening cameras to protect staff and building visitors was a natural steps. They continue to use the AI camera system for a number of reasons not least the health and safety of their employees.


  • Major global manufacturing company
  • Fever screening every employee, at every entrance, every morning – with hand scanners
  • Immense labour cost


  • Deploying ViraHawk automatic fever screening
  • Retiring manual hand scanning


  • ViraHawk units installed at major entrances
  • Labour cost reduced
  • Number of scannings performed increased dramatically
  • Sickness absence down to 0.5%
  • Statistical analysis shows accuracy higher than hand scanners

Siemens Gamesa

  • Automated temperature screening –

At Sentispec, we are helping them transition to automated temperature screening, which eliminates the need for manual labour costs, and  significantly increases accuracy.

  • Infection protection – Covid-19 pandemic –

Fever screening began at the Brande plant in the wake of the public shutdown in Spring 2020. This was to avoid having to reduce or completely shut down the production.

  • Reliability of process and equipment –

Initially, all the Department Heads performed manual temperature checks. However, these were found to be unreliable.

  • Financial and time cost reductions

The burden on the Department Heads became unreasonably high so security guards were instructed to carry out the fever scanning. But both models proved costly in time and manpower.

  • Human error avoided

Occasionally the manual fever screening was forgotten due to human error compromising health and safety.

  • Company culture is health and safety conscious

As an organisation their employee culture is very health and safety as well as security conscious. In fact, among other things they follow the Dupont STOP safety model.

Customer experiences

“We are extremely happy with the system. It just works and ensures a smooth and safe
entry process into our buildings!”

Ulrik Bjerre - Head QM&EHS and Logistics - Siemens Gamesa

" Our employees are curious about the ViraHawk product, and very positive. "

Klaus Klogborg - HSE Specialist - Siemens Gamesa

"During the installation, the employees and management were curious, and wanted to know what else the system could do. All agreed it offers security for both staff and the organisation."

Paul Stein - Head of Security - Siemens Gamesa

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