Global Logistics Company

A global logistics company client has warehouses, terminals and offices across the globe.

They employ hundreds of thousands of people and despatch thousands of trucks a day.

Using applied AI and the Sentispec Access platform enables workflow optimisation.

Optimising workflow processes and truck load density reduces the cost to serve.


Challenge - Throughput optimisation

  • Major global logistics company
  • More than 1000 warehouse sites globally
  • Provide distribution by land, sea and air
  • Congestion restricts progress at peak times
  • No data to engineer structure efficiency gains


  • Video monitoring junctions and loading bays
  • Capturing computer vision data for these areas
  • Monitoring every truck loading bay


  • Analysis of 24/7 data streams from warehouses
  • Throughput optimisation visible in warehouses
  • Provided 1-3 % increase in network throughput.

Workflow optimisation

Congestion is a challenge in every warehouse and depot, especially at peak times. Monitoring business processes through video recordings in each location helps to define workflow optimisations. The Sentispec Access platform tracks patterns and detects time costly irregularities.

Robotic Process Automation systemises all processes that can be automated. As a result, by monitoring the exact flow of where goods arrive, how they are processed and despatched enables optimisation of business process management.

The Sentispec Access platform and applied artificial intelligence have helped to deliver a centre of excellence. As a result all the warehouse depots are now under going a digital transformation to dramatic increase the workflow efficiencies and increased revenues. This project saves time and money through workflow optimisation. Saving time delivers increased revenues.


Return on Investment

The client project begun in a bricks and mortar warehouses delivered cost efficiencies across the organisation.

Managing workflow optimisations has increased throughput by 1-3 %.  Rolled out across the chain of depots the pilot project established a best practice standard for the supply chain. The automated inventory management makes order fulfilment easier and streamlines warehouse management.

The bottom line of the organisation is improving markedly as the success scales.

Customer experiences

We have detected a dramatic cost saving in our pilot programme with Sentispec Access.

Optimising each truck load has helped us reduce the number of lorry despatches we have to make each day.

Having the cameras monitor our truck loading makes every step we take faster and more assured.

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