Global Logistics Company

This global logistics company has terminals and offices across the globe, employing hundreds of thousands of people. In order to protect their facilities from contagious diseases and COVID-19 they are using our ViraHawk automated fever screening.


  • Major global logistics company
  • Thousands of global sites
  • Hundreds of thousands of employees
  • Sporadic and inconsistent fever screening
  • Large number of people in close proximity every morning


  • ViraHawk units installed at major entrance used by truck drivers


  • 200+ scannings per day per camera across the entire workday (from 3-22) on a single doorway
  • Preventative effect, particularly towards drivers from low-wage countries

Customer experiences

We see a significant preventative effect of the fever screening.

Our employees feel safer.

We have a significant traffic throughout the day, including many external suppliers.

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