ViraHawk at North Wales Honda

The ViraHawk is used as an access control system at the North Wales Honda retail showroom. adopting the AI camera system during the Covid pandemic enabled the franchise to continue working within restrictions. Since early installation the AI camera has delivered many other benefits.


North Wales Honda Client testimonial


Retail operation with access control

Originally the management at North Wales Honda installed ViraHawk for fever screening during the Covid-19 pandemic. The AI camera, accurate and effective within a 4 metre radius, was positioned set back slightly from the main entrance. This position was considered ideal to screen all who entered the building. Therefore, because it was installed to hang discretely from a roof tile in the show room the AI camera was able to scan all who entered the building.

If the sensors detect a raised body temperature an alert is sent immediately to a nominated email. A local interaction can then take place to intercept the individual and request a test. As a result this way of managing entrance to the retail operation ensures that the building and therefore staff remain Covid free.


Measuring retail footfall

The ViraHawk delivered a valuable additional benefit. The artificial intelligence camera also monitors and measures footfall.  Using the Sentispec Access platform it gathers metadata from the ViraHawk installations and integrates with legacy security cameras. Using this data footfall measurements are delivered in pre-programmed reports.

North Wales Honda Client testimonial

Client case study in summary

  • Infection protection – Covid-19 pandemic –

    ViraHawk offered automated fever screening at the retail dealership in Llandudno, North Wales Honda. Installation of the AI camera enabled service customers, staff and suppliers to be screened on entering the premises. Therefore this system helped to control safe access to the building.

  • Reliability of process and equipment –

    It was decided that the best position for the camera was to be set back from main entrance by 3-4 metres. This allows sufficient distance from the external door.  Consequently, the camera proved reliable as a fever screening indicator within 4 metres of the entrance it was scanning.

  • Employee engagement –

    There was strong general buy-in from the employees both in the showroom and service garage.

  • Fever Scanner is inconspicuous –

    The first reactions from the employees were positive. Customers also commented that they had heard about fever screening and as a result were happy to be in a monitored environment. They also commented that it made them feel safe that everyone is screened automatically by a camera.


Additional benefits


Footfall measurements

The management use the footfall statistics recorded by the ViraHawk in the building. They help to monitor the busiest times of the day and manage customer flow throughout the day.


Reinforces company culture as being health and safety conscious

The commentary by clients visiting the showroom was positive. Reports given by clients to the service person dealing with clients at North Wales Honda complemented the constructive step taken to ensuring health and safety of all visitors to the dealership.


Security checking at external entrances –

Recordings of unexpected footfall at strange times of the night also alerted the franchisee to possible security issues out of hours. The ViraHawk gave new perspectives on movement outside the showrooms at night and as a result enabled a readjustment of security settings.

Product reviews

“ViraHawk is the star of the show, it works and gives customers confidence to return to the show room, when lockdown restrictions are lifted”.

Dave Paveley - Managing Director, North Wales Honda

“ViraHawk is really great for footfall. It helps us manage customer flow in peak hours and analyse weekend traffic.”

Sarah Watkins-Hall - Compliance Manager, North Wales Honda

" We had the best ever marketing response from customers when we mentioned this as part of our measures to protect them. Service customers started to come back!”

Dave Paveley - Managing Director, North Wales Honda

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