Sentispec Access for automated stock control

A global warehousing and distribution company chose the Sentispec Access platform. They adopted the AI platform to automate stock taking and stock control throughout their network of depots.  By working with Sentispec Aps they process video steam data from existing security cameras combined with business data. In this way, the client can minimise human error, save time and money.

The client made a small investment in adapting the Sentispec Access platform artificial intelligence algorithm. This has led to accurate inventory management and streamlined business  processes across their network of over a thousand warehouses.


Challenge - Automate stock counting

  • Major regional logistics company
  • More than 1000 warehouse sites globally
  • Provide distribution by land, sea and air
  • Stock taking is manual, laborious, costly
  • Regularly audit stock held for customers


  • Mount video cameras on fork lifts to scan
  • Use computer vision data for managed stock
  • Replace manual barcode scans with AI solution


  • Automatic scans of shelf and pallet bar codes
  • Reduction in time spent seeking missing pallets
  • Delivered 50-80% cost reduction through automation.

Automated stock taking

Use computer vision data plus business process data to secure a competitive advantage.  Computer vision data is readily available through security cameras in most storage environments. And yet it is rarely used.  As a result of tapping into video data in critical sites, warehouse managers discover fresh insights into the running of their site. They gain full scale visibility into the running of the depots. For example, they get full visibility of shipment arrivals, stock control as well as optimisation of truck loading and despatch.

Stock control automation initiates a number of practical improvements delivering positive results.  Replacing time consuming bar code scanning in routine stock taking with automated processes, saves time. The reduction in man power needed saves money. By automating the routine stock taking process there is a 50-80% reduction in related costs.   Stock takers are redeployed to other duties.


Workflow optimisation

Additional time savings are identified by monitoring business processes through video recordings in each location. The Sentispec platform tracks patterns and detects time costly irregularities.  Robotic Process Automation systemises all processes that can be automated. As a result, by monitoring the exact flow of where goods arrive, how they are processed and despatched enables optimisation of business process management.

The Sentispec Access platform and applied artificial intelligence have helped to deliver a centre of excellence. As a result all the warehouse depots are now under going a digital transformation to dramatic increase the workflow efficiencies and increased revenues. This project saves time and money through workflow optimisation. Saving time delivers increased revenues.


Return on Investment

The client project begun in a bricks and mortar warehouses delivered cost efficiencies across the organisation.

It cut daily stock taking by 50-80%.  Rolled out across the chain of depots the pilot project established a best practice standard for the supply chain. The automated inventory management makes order fulfilment easier and streamlines warehouse management.

The bottom line of the organisation is improving markedly as the success scales.

Product reviews

Sentispec Access is the star of the show, it works and gives us confidence that we are working efficiently and saving money every day.

The numbers speak for themselves. We can see the efficiencies adding up with every shipment.

The automation means we get to oversea the operations instead of driving every aspect of the work.

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