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About Sentispec and our work

Sentispec helps companies improve revenue and reduce cost by enabling Robotic Process Automation of video data.

The unique Sentispec Access AI platform helps to turn data into competitive advantage. Extracting video data from standard security cameras and integrating these video data streams with business data allows us to optimise work processes.

For a logistics company this is delivering workflow optimisations through a number of process congestion alerts and unattended consignment identifications, as well as providing location specific statistical data on the flow of goods through warehouses. This improves throughput, increases revenue and reduces costs giving competitive advantage.

Increase throughput

Reduce costs

Build revenues

There are many business applications for the use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. The Sentispec Access platform enables processing of computer vision data and the application of AI on the Edge.

In many different business settings this will deliver increased throughput, it can reduce costs and deliver greater revenues at every site. Within a multi-site business this can deliver significant workflow enhancements and dramatically reduce the cost to serve.

Space logistics

Imagine if you could optimise every transport and container shipment and reduce the cost to serve.  You would optimise the Return On Investment of every shipment.

Automated stock taking

By automating stock taking routines, you reduce the man power needed to run every site, and so deliver optimal cost efficiencies in warehouse stock management.

Optimising warehouse workflow

Automated computer vision data also provides location specific statistical data on the flow of goods through warehouses. This will improve throughput, and thus optimise revenues and reduce costs.

Monitor footfall

In retail environments automated footfall statistics are used to optimize throughput of customers. The data allows a fine tuning of marketing activities and spend. It also allows a more careful management of staff shift schedules.

Analysis of computer vision data can also provide showroom heatmapping and improve the auto servicing workflow, thus improving customer loyalty and ultimately revenue.

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